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May 2020

MenaITech’s Remote Working Experience Proved Successful, Begins to Securely Reopen Headquarters

Amman – As the country slowly comes out of lockdown, Jordan is witnessing the return of many economic sectors, including the ICT sector, to regular capacity in an effort to restore the full productivity potential after nearly two months of curfews due to the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus pandemic.

After the Eid Al Fitr holiday, MenaITech, the region’s leading human capital information systems provider, reopened their headquarters in Amman after the government officially declared to gradually reopen different business sectors and easing of restrictions imposed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, allowing these sectors to revive and run their businesses in full capacity.

MenaITech affirmed that its work within all departments did not stop during the past two months, even during the curfew and social distancing. Moreover, MenaITech succeeded in promoting the use of technology and the use of connectivity solutions to enable the teams to work and remain productive during this period. Teams, departments and handling client requests remained at optimal levels during the remote working experience.

MenaITech emphasized that during the past two months, their employees were able to perform their tasks remotely, without the need to physically attend at the offices. The solid infrastructure and programs that MenaITech has in place, allowed them to efficiently manage their work while also giving the management the ability to assess the performance of their teams, all the while maintaining efficiency and clear lines of communication.

MenaITech highlighted the value of digital transformation and the use of technology at all times, not only during a crisis as technology does not only get the business to run quickly but also guarantees accuracy and lowering the costs.

MenaITech has built its reputation over the past 16 years, as a pioneer and provider of technology solutions for human resources. These solutions serve more than 2500 companies and 700 cloud computing clients in the MENA region. The MenaITech portfolio also includes more than 1.5 million users around 25 countries, which strengthens its position as a true innovator and leading engine of technological progress in the region.