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Mar 2020

MenaITech Holds a Training Session for Hino Trucks Saudi Arabia on its Human Resources Management System

Tsusho Jamjoom Trading Company (TJT), the local Hino trucks distributor in Saudi Arabia, recently organized a training session for its employees with MenaITech, the region’s largest human capital information systems provider, on how to use its human capital management technology. The training session was organized as part of TJT’s efforts to increase employee productivity by empowering them to use the latest workplace technology.


Mr. Eyad Hawamdeh, MenaITech’s representative, who has extensive experience in human capital management, gave an interactive presentation on MenaITech’s systems to TJT employees.

TJT stressed the importance of MenaITech solutions and systems, and the benefit of working with a provider who has extensive experience in this field. TJT further reaffirmed the the positive impacts of MenaITech systems when it comes to reducing HR operational costs and providing an efficient platform for employees to interact with their HR department, increasing overall productivity and employee satisfaction.

In 1972, Toyota Tsusho began exporting Hino trucks to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while partnering with Jamjoom Vehicles & Equipment “JVE”, the sole distributor of Hino Trucks. The newly established company, Jamjoom, combines a locally trusted brand that is known for its expertise and know-how including after-sales services at Toyota Tsusho, which is developed through the automotive business.

MenaITech has built its reputation over the past 16 years, as a pioneer and provider of technology solutions for human resources. These solutions serve more than 2500 companies and 700 cloud computing clients in the MENA region. The MenaITech portfolio also includes more than 1.5 million users around 25 countries, which strengthens its position as a true innovator and leading engine of technological progress in the region.