Employee and manager self-service

Employee and manager self-service

MenaME® is a collaborative web-based and mobile app solution where employees can keep track of and update personal information, request and inquire about transactions, and access and print online payslips. Successful organizations are aware that their employees are their internal customers, and knowing this increases their value and productivity in the organization, keeping employees engaged and motivated. This develops a positive attitude and workplace culture, giving them the courage to voice their concerns because they know that their opinions matter. That’s why our system allows employees to request for leaves, vacations, financial claims, loans and more, which then go through approval cycles to quickly receive a response from their HR team and managers. Such inquiries and requests would normally take days to process and approve when done manually, but with MenaME®, they can be processed quickly and easily, anywhere, anytime. Not only does our system empower employees, but it also allows managers to access their subordinates’ information, conduct interviews and employee appraisal, post announcements and vacancies within the organization, submit requests on their employees’ behalf, and much more. Through MenaME®, a collaborative culture arises among employees, managers, and their HR teams, where each member is responsible for doing their part, and each result is dependent on the other. Therefore, organizations can expect accurate data entry, faster approval cycles, paperless work, and increased productivity in the workplace.

Managers Aiming for Growth and Productivity

With MenaME®, managers are now looking at the big picture. Tasks are delegated among employees, managers, and the HR team, each member taking on their roles with increased productivity and efficiency, and managers are able to provide timely feedback to their employees. Through the Manager Self Service portal, managers can access employee information to ensure data accuracy, view and manage employee requests, keep track of attendance and leaves, approve or reject requests, and use it to go through the entire hire-to-retire checklist, including organizing interviews, and employee appraisal.

Managers can post internal job vacancies and announcements through MenaME®’s platform, enhance job retention strategies by identifying competency gaps, and based on employees’ training needs, they help employees register for training courses they are interested in and will benefit from. This helps managers discover strengths and weaknesses and assess and evaluate employee competencies, or determine when to carry out employee appraisal. By using MenaME®, managers can monitor both process and progress, providing them with information they need to know to help their employees grow.

Enhanced Employee Experience

With MenaME®, employee experience is enhanced. We want to ensure that the encounters employees have in the workplace are heard about, discussed, and improved. By doing so, our system ensures that through optimizing HR processes, employees are empowered and engaged throughout every stage in their employee journey. Our user-friendly solution, advanced technology that automates day-to-day tasks and requests, and innovative workplace culture make employee experiences as smooth and pleasant as possible. Through our system, employees, managers, and HR teams submit their feedback and fill in engagement surveys in order to know strengths and where there are needs for improvement, increasing workplace collaboration and communication while reducing complexities of certain processes. Additionally, employees can create and submit their own individual development plans to help their managers know which direction they are headed and how they can further improve in their field. By investing in employees and ensuring their satisfaction, employee engagement will be optimized, and they will be more eager to work, increasing their productivity and efficiency.

Empowered Employees with Our Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Instead of HR professionals being weighed down by the burden of updating employee personal data, keeping track of requests, responding to inquiries, and managing transactions that take many days to process, verify, and confirm, employees can take control over their own personal and financial information updates through our Employee Self Service portal and ensure their data is accurate and up-to-date. Employees can use the system’s self-service functions to manage routine inquiries and modify personal data, allowing them to apply for leaves, training courses, time off and vacations, as well as giving them the ability to print and view pay slips, enter missing punches and view their attendance, evaluate training courses, view competencies and job history, and much more. Now with MenaME®, employees can focus their energy into identifying their training needs, discovering events to attend to benefit themselves and their organization, accessing phone directories and document centers, being able to view and print online payslips, and so much more.

An Environmentally Friendly HR

Not only does MenaME® reduce the need for tedious, routine tasks that can be more quickly and accurately completed by employees, but it also reduces the burden of filling out forms manually and therefore, encouraging a paperless environment. HR teams are now able to tackle more complex transactions, mitigating human errors and reducing the time taken to process, file, and accept requests. They can give employees the permission to access documents they need such as policy and procedure forms and onboarding and orientation plans and much more with a few simple clicks on the system without the need to increase paper waste and costs. By going paperless to complete routine HR tasks, the organization will be able to reduce processing costs and increase efficiency in completing tasks. The workload is divided among all staff, inconsistencies are reduced, and HR functions are streamlined.

Automated, Secure, and Easy Access

MenaME® strives to make processing your transactions a smooth and secure operation. Our system includes built-in data security, ensuring that all personal and financial information is encrypted via database PIN and can only be accessed by the employee who is logging in to their account. This is why we have included single sign-in functionality, where employees use the same password to access their account, which can be accessed on their PCs or on their own mobile device, anywhere, anytime. Our system includes the most crucial routine HR transactions in an easy to read format, providing you with data in real-time, with relevant information that can be customized according to your organization and its requirements.

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What you need to know!
When it comes to Employee Self Services (ESS), what are employees allowed to see?  And what data are managers who are accessing the Manager Self Services (MSS) allowed to see?

When it comes to Employee Self Services (ESS), what are employees allowed to see? And what data are managers who are accessing the Manager Self Services (MSS) allowed to see?

Our solution is equipped with a variety of services, all of which can be customized to your organization’s requirements. When setting up permissions on manager self-service (MSS) and employee self-service (ESS), the HR team determines who can view what on MenaME®. HR teams can select from a list of services what managers are permitted to view when accessing the system; they can decide if managers can view subordinates’ information, if they have access only to a particular department, or if they can view the whole organization’s information, all depending on the managers’ level of authority and can also be based on hierarchical positions. And while on both manager self-service (MSS) and employee self-service (ESS) HR teams can select which services will be activated for managers and employees, they can also choose which services will not be activated. Additionally, HR teams can choose to hide inactive services and they will no longer be visible to those who are not permitted to access them.

How can I ensure that employees will stay up-to-date with the processing of their requests?

How can I ensure that employees will stay up-to-date with the processing of their requests?

MenaME® allows employees to submit many different types of requests, such as requests for leaves, training programs, vacations, employee appraisal, talent acquisition processes, loans and many more. If the employee is using MenaME® web, they will be notified of any alerts through the to-do list icon. If the employee is using MenaME® on the mobile app, they will receive a notification on their mobile phone. Once employees have submitted their requests, it needs to go through an approval cycle to finalize the request and determine if it will be accepted or rejected. HR teams can customize who the request will need to go through before the decision has been made. Once the workflow cycle has been defined, the request will need to go through every member’s approval or rejection in order to make the decision. And whether they are using MenaME® web or the mobile app, at every step of the way, the employee who made the request will receive a notification via email of every approval and rejection, and will receive a final email detailing the decision that had been made.

What is the workflow cycle that requests or inquiries have to go through to reach a final decision?  Who determines its approval or rejection?

What is the workflow cycle that requests or inquiries have to go through to reach a final decision? Who determines its approval or rejection?

We know that decision making is not a one man show, and better decisions are made when it’s a team working together. That’s why through MenaHRMS®, MenaME® is equipped with a workflow engine, containing all details of every member of an organization and their positions. Using this extensive engine, HR teams can select the managers and concerned parties who need to be included in the decision-making process regarding a particular employee and their submitted request. Our system is fully customizable, meaning HR teams can choose whoever they need to be a part of the process, thus making the number of approval committees unlimited. Once the employee submits their request, it goes through every manager or member that the HR team selected, sending an email to each of them regarding the request, and the decision-makers can choose to either approve or reject the request. At every stage of rejection or approval, the employee will receive an email regarding the details of the ongoing process, and will finally receive an email of the approval or rejection when the decision has been made. In order to prevent delay, the HR team can use the escalation option, and in order to track where the request has reached in the cycle, they can use the screening tool.

What MenaME<sup>®</sup> services are on the mobile app?

What MenaME® services are on the mobile app?

A lot! From the first service called My Profile, employees can manage and update their personal information, bank information, and addresses. They can enter their educational history, training, and certificates, as well as enter new additions to their history. Additionally, they can upload any attachments like pictures of their passport, ID, or contract. In the My Requests option, employees can submit requests for leaves, vacations, overtime, loans, financial claims, business trips, training, and many more. Here you can specify the type, date, location, and more.

On the mobile app, you can clock in, clock out, check your attendance history, and enter missing punches using the Time Management Service. With the Financial Sheets service, employees can access and view their salary slips, vacation balances, and tax sheets.