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Mar 2020

MenaITech Celebrates Women Employees on International Women’s Day

Amman – MenaITech, the region’s leading human capital information systems provider, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, reaffirmed the fundamental role women play in the ICT sector, particularly in the areas of programming and development. MenaITech has long been hailed for the contributions of its women employees, and today with their support, MenaITech operates in more than 25 markets in the Arab region.

MenaITech values its women employees’ efforts across various departments and different levels as they play an integral role in achieving the company’s vision and expansion strategy.

MenaITech, on International Women’s Day which falls on March 8 of every year, is taking the opportunity to reaffirm its commitment to further empowering its women employees as a core value of the company.

During March 2020, MenaITech hosted a special ceremony to celebrate its women employees who make up one-third of the company. With their support, the company managed to build a reputation as pioneers and innovators of human capital technology solutions over the past 16 years. 

The company also posted a video on their social media accounts to congratulate women in the workforce on the occasion of International Women’s Day to further emphasize the role women play in MenaITech’s journey.

Founder and CEO of MenaITech, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, stressed the important role that women play in the Jordanian ICT sector, highlighting that women’s participation represents 29 percent in the sector and they also represent about 50 percent of university and college graduates within this field.

Hawamdeh also congratulated the company’s employees on International Women’s Day, recognizing their efforts across all departments and management levels and their contributions to the company’s strategy, expansion, and growth in the Jordanian and Arab markets.

MenaITech serves more than 2500 companies and 700 cloud computing clients in the MENA region. MenaITech’s portfolio has over 1.5 million users across 25 countries, reinforcing its position as a real innovator and engine of technological development in the region.