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Ensure your journey to applying the best HR business practices is a successful one. With hands-on experience, sharpen your HR knowledge and apply practical skills to ensure the validity, credibility, and productivity of your HR department. Earning a certificate from menaitech increases your knowledge in its comprehensive systems, enhances your skills in core HR operations, and sets you apart from the rest, whether you are an HR professional or a beginner in the field.

Our certification programs distinguish you as a professional in the HR field, driving workplace development and individual growth, opening more doors for career opportunities.

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Menaitech Concludes an MPAY-CP® Training Program at AlMaarefa University in Riyadh

Certified professionals
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The Certified Talent Management System Professional

Program Overview

The Talent Management Professional Certification (Curio-CP®) is the first of its kind in the MENA region, focused on providing practical expertise in the field of talent management. Gain new skills as you learn about the core functionalities and cycles of talent management, as well as the stages of the whole employee lifecycle, such as talent acquisition, onboarding, career path and succession planning, performance appraisal, and much more.

As a certified Talent Management Professional, you will be able to create an effective workplace by applying what you’ve learned through Curio®, the high-powered talent management solution, allowing you to efficiently manage talent and use advanced solutions to streamline the processes of talent management.

talent management professional certification curio-cp

This course consists of:

Talent Management and Its Beginnings

  • The Importance of Talent Management
  • How Talent Management has developed throughout the years

Features and Functions of Talent Management

  • Learn and understand the different stages of the employment lifecycle including talent acquisition, onboarding, training and development, career path planning, performance appraisal and more

Talent Management Systems

  • Learn about the features and functions of Talent Management Systems
  • Become familiar with Curio® and apply practical skills to use the system’s advanced features and functionalities

What you will learn

  • Talent Management Fundamentals. Learn the functions, methods, procedures, and terminologies associated with talent management to build a solid foundation of knowledge.
  • The Heart of the Organization. These are the employees, of course! Manage the employee lifecycle from hiring to retirement, including hiring, training, developing, evaluating, and retaining employees.
  • The Best of the Best. Determine the best match for a post and create a talent pool full of qualified and competent applicants by advertising the vacancy, selecting candidates, interviewing, and offering the job, among other things.
  • Let’s Get Down to Business. Create successful onboarding plans that assist new employees in settling in and boosting employee Productivity.
  • Celebrate More Achievements. Enhance employee performance and engagement by recognizing training needs and filling the gaps to create a more skilled staff.
  • Constant Growth. Managers may review employee performance, provide feedback, and ensure that employees are on the right path with the Performance Appraisal module.
  • Climbing up the Career Ladder. Create career path plans for employees to help them plan their careers and transition from one employment role to the next.
  • The Path to Success. Through succession planning, identify and prepare successors to take over key positions within the organization.
  • A Sky Full of Stars. Use the 9-Box Grid Matrix to measure employee performance and potential, assisting in the identification of future leaders, key players, and rising stars.
  • Tying it All Together. Utilize the Curio® Talent Management System’s features and sophisticated functionality to streamline talent management procedures and apply the skills and practical knowledge gained.
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What you need to know!
Who is this program for
This program is designed for HR professionals seeking to broaden their understanding of Talent Management and related systems, as well as for anyone interested in establishing a solid foundation of talent management and learning how its features can lead to business success and growth.
Course Content
The program is divided into the following practical business sections and Talent Management cycles. Additionally, the program includes assignments, quizzes, and a final assessment at the course’s conclusion.

Talent Management Functions, Features, and Benefits

Talent Acquisition

  • Job Requisitions
  • Creating Job Advertisements
  • Applications Pool
  • Interview types and stages
  • Offering the Job
  • Hiring Procedures and Checklist

Training and Development Module

  • Competencies Gap
  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Training Agenda
  • Registration and Evaluations

Job Descriptions

  • Creating detailed job descriptions that include criteria such as competencies, qualifications, education and more

Performance Appraisal

  • Competencies Evaluation
  • Objectives and KPI Evaluation
  • Appraisal Cycle, Curve, and Merits

Career Path Planning

  • Creating the Career Path Plan
  • Assigning Plans

Succession Planning

  • Creating the Succession Plan
  • Assigning Plans

9-Box Grid Matrix (HiPO)

  • Creating the 9-Box Grid Plan
  • Assigning Plans
  • Matrix Results


Where will the sessions be held?
Sessions will be held in classrooms or online. Please visit our website to view our yearly agenda for available dates.
Who are we accredited by?
This course is accredited by menaitech. We are also recognized by SHRM® as a Recertification Provider. Personal Development Credits (PDCs) are available to members of these organizations upon completion of one of our programs.
What certificates will I receive upon course completion?
Upon completing the course’s required training hours, trainees will receive:

  • The Talent Management Business and Systems Practitioner Certificate

In order to earn the Certified Talent Management Systems Professional (Curio-CP®) Accreditation, you must pass the exam.

What is the exam format and length?

  • Exam time: 3 hours
  • Number of questions: 90 multiple choice questions
  • Languages: Arabic, English
  • Computer-based exam (online)
How do I remain certified?
This accreditation is valid for 3 years. To maintain certification at the end of the three-year period, you will be evaluated on the system updates that occurred during that time period.
My question is not on the list.
We have an answer for every question! If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please contact our support team at +962 6 554 5314 Ext. 11, WhatsApp +962 79 7311291, or schedule a call and we will strive to meet your expectation.
The MPAY-CP® Professional Accreditation is considered one of the most important certifications to earn in the world of payroll and HR operations. The course helped me enhance my skills in the field and increase my knowledge on automated and streamlined payroll processing of employees’ salaries, pushing me to a higher position in the workplace in a short amount of time.
Abdullah Al-Motawa
HR Service Payroll Supervisor
The Saudi Investment Bank (SAIB)
As a recent graduate of Business Administration, I had the theoretical knowledge but not enough of the practical knowledge that the labor market was looking for. By enrolling in the MPAY-CA® program, I learned about real-world HR operations, the different HR cycles and calculation methods, and how to apply this practical knowledge onto the system. Upon passing the final assessment, my certification made me stand out among the rest and land my dream job.
Ahmad Khaireddin
HR Officer
Petra Trading & Investment Co.
The MPAY-CP® program helped my team and I automate HR functions, learning more about the features of the system and how to fully utilize them, all while staying compliant with our internal laws and regulations. The program provided us with valuable information and practical content related to the best practices of human resources management and how to practically apply them to the system, which led to accuracy in work and improvement of services provided to employees.
Ahmad Qatamesh
Manager of Digital Transformation
Goethe-Institut MENA