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Sep 2020

Menaitech’s HR Solutions Revolutionized Jopetrol’s Daily Operations

MenaITech – a leading company in the field of human resources management services – assisted JoPetrol in moving from basic human resources management systems to more advanced HR systems to increase their overall efficiency and decrease overall cost, making MenaITech the exclusive and sole provider of HR and payroll management services for JoPetrol.

JoPetrol was established in 2013 and has helped the jordanian economy through the marketing and distribution of petroleum products around the Kingdom.

Furthermore, it owns the largest market share of petroleum in terms of the number of stations and the largest transport fleet of petroleum products.

JoPetrol supplies and operates more than 290 stations across the kingdom, ensuring that current and future energy needs are met. JoPetrol has maintained this role by keeping up with the latest technological solutions used worldwide under the supervision of a specialized team of experienced and qualified experts.

JoPetrol faced many challenges regarding human resources management. They have struggled with optimising employee salaries, follow-up requests, tracking employee attendance sheets, and compensating for overtime and other tasks. These oversights were due to the large workforce and the need for the company to operate 24 hours a day, leading to an increased pressure on the human resource management.

Mr. Zaidoun Al-Khasawneh, Director of the Information Technology Department at JoPetrol, stated that the old system used in the company took too long and too much effort from the employees and the human resources management department. Therefore, JoPetrol decided to search for modern solutions that utilize information technology to facilitate services for both employees and the human resources department.

He also added that MenaITech – the leading company in this field – was the wisest choice they have made, as MenaITech has implemented multiple services including: Human Resources Management Systems MenaHR®, Employee Self-Services and Payroll Management Systems MenaPay®, Time Attendance Management System MenaTA®, and the MenaME-Plus® app where employees can follow up and keep track of their HR needs, simplifying the admin approval process for vacation requests. personal leaves, overtime hours at anytime and anywhere without any complications.

Mr. Zaidoun also explained that the conversion from the old system to the new system did not require any new equipment to implement it, since the self-service system for employees is activated by using a special application downloaded on smartphones, which enables employees and managers to use all of MenaITech’s systems with ease, speed and minimal effort.

Mr. Zaidoun said that most companies faced major problems in working remotely and that MenaITech’s human resource management services were available around the clock from anywhere and at any time, and this is what placed JoPetrol at the forefront of companies that dealt easily and professionally during this pandemic.

Mr. Zaidoun highly recommended MenaITech and their services and thanked everyone who contributed in the transformation and all those involved in the maintenance and service of this project, which facilitated and eased the lives of many