Self-service mobile application

Self-service mobile application

The manager and employee self-service mobile app with cutting-edge technology that you need has finally arrived. Witness the power of MenaME-Plus®; the Human Resource app that keeps the office connected and engaged, updates the team with all the latest news, and improves communication and employee experience — all in the palm of your hands.

Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Time is of the Essence

  • “Time Management” makes contactless punch in and punch out a breeze, and helps stop the spread of COVID-19
  • Attendance reports, ready to view on your mobile device
  • Get your exact coordinates in with Geolocation
  • TA machines are a thing of the past: MenaME-Plus® is supported on Android and IOS

Employees in Control and In the Know

  • You know yourself best—manage, edit and keep your personal profile up to date
  • Get access to your data quick: view salary slips, vacation balances, and tax sheets
  • Show your good side and upload your profile picture directly from your gallery
  • “My Performance” lets you check out how you’re doing and how you can go beyond

Give Employees the Freedom to Do More

  • Need a break? Book your holidays at the tap of a button
  • Keep track of approval cycles with real-time notification updates
  • Send requests for leaves, overtime, and loans to managers instantly
  • Find training programs that are designed for you, even when you’re on the move
Manager Self-Service (MSS)

Be the Leader Your Team Needs

  • Get access to your team’s competencies and know them like the back of your hand
  • Contact your team or send emails to keep track of progress and keep the ball rolling
  • Calling all employees—send out announcements to keep everyone in the loop
  • Going paperless? Share company documents and policies and save the environment, one page at a time

Never Miss a Beat

  • Create the approval cycles you want to keep requests flowing smoothly
  • Stay on top of the request flow by approving or rejecting requests at the tap of a button
  • Know who’s working and when with the Team Calendar, letting you plan out vacations, business trips, and shifts

Assess, Evaluate, and Grow

  • “Team Performance” is designed to help your team know what’s going great and what needs improvement
  • Sometimes a thank you is all it takes: let your team know they’re appreciated by showing them recognition for a job well done
  • We believe that employee engagement is key: help drive communication with comments and feedback