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Jan 2012

MenaITech team achieves Zend Certification

MenaITech, the leading Arab company specialized in the development and distribution of Human Capital solutions, announced today that three of its technical programmers achieved Zend certificates in PHP.

‘Zend Certified Engineer’, considered one of the most global prominent certificates in PHP, was achieved by Wesam Azmy, Deputy Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at MenaITech, and both Mohamed Owis and Mahmoud Abdel Qader, Senior Web Application Developers at MenaITech.

“We congratulate our technical team for their special certificate, especially since it came from the leading provider of PHP products and services, which adds credibility and prominence for the achievement,” said MenaITech’s CEO, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh. “These certificates are considered a clear indication of the team’s capabilities and dedication,” added Hawamdeh, noting their role in building on the company’s expertise and consequently producing a state-of-the-art solution competing in regional and international markets.

It is worth mentioning that only 98 people in the Middle East are currently Zend Certified Engineers, around 40% of whom are in Jordan.

Azmy, Deputy CTO at MenaITech, pointed out that the importance of this certificate lays in its ability to prove the capability of MenaITech’s employees in writing PHP code, especially when dealing with large governmental organizations and NGOs which require such certificates from bidders.

“It is rather customary for Zend to offer certificates and standards for PHP according to the standards of the authorized U.S. National Institute. Zend is also considered the actual developer of the PHP language and is fully responsible for it,” he added. It should be noted that since 2004, Zend began offering specialized workshops and tests for Zend Certified Engineer, with hundreds receiving the degree, which is similar in nature to degrees offered by Microsoft, Linux, and Oracle, among others.