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Feb 2012

Abu Sheikha adopts MenaITech solutions for human capital management

Abu Sheikha for Exchange, in collaboration with MenaITech, the regional company specialized in building and deploying human resources applications, has successfully completed the implementation of MenaITech’s Human Capital Information System (HCIS), a system designed for managing and developing human resources.

As part of Abu Sheikha’s future visions, the application aims at providing comprehensive infrastructure solutions that serve the company’s employees working in its branches across the kingdom.

It also seeks to develop and enhance the management of the company’s operations to keep up with its expansion schemes.

Commenting on the event, Mr. Tareq Abu Sheikha, Abu Sheikha’s CM, said, “As a leading provider of foreign exchange and money transfer services, our company will benefit from MenaITech’s application as it will help us automate our HR department and link it to the company’s sections, including the financial and employee relations departments, to speed internal operations. Such techniques will inevitably have a direct role in reinforcing our competitive capabilities and set the stage for both the administration and employees to keep up with the accelerating growth in our businesses and investments.”

For anther part, Mr. Ziad Abu Sheikha, Abu Sheikha’s HR Manager, “Our administration is keen on empowering its human resources and employing modern techniques to improve its infrastructure and foster its operational efficiency and effectiveness, specifically because it has a wide network of branches across the kingdom.”

On the other hand, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, MenaITech’s CEO, said, “We are glad to service a pioneering provider of foreign exchange and money transfer services like Abu Sheikha for Exchange, which is one of the leading companies in this field, and support its management with the necessary solutions and specialized applications that would help its growth and employ its resources optimally.”

“The services provided by MenaITech’s application are not limited to the administrative departments; they extend to cover all the employees who can use the self service application and take advantage of a wide range of features, such as managing leaves of absence, payments and liabilities. Accessing these features through the internet will increase the employees’ level of satisfaction as they will no longer have to show up at the human resources department for such matters,” Hawamdeh added.

Abu Sheikha for Exchange is one of the leading banking and financial services institutions in Jordan and has recently been transformed into a limited liability company. The corporation has a network of branches that have been distributed carefully in strategic locations throughout the capital and are connected through a modern telecom network that enables clients to perform their banking operations easily.