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Mar 2012

MenaITech sponsors JAMA’s 2012 Annual Conference

MenaITech, the regional company specialized in building and deploying human resources applications sponsored the annual meeting of the Jordan Association of Management Accountants (JAMA) which took place on Saturday in the InterContinental hotel.

Entitled “A Step Toward the Future,” the conference sought to develop the accounting sector’s work systems and acquaint the participants, who discussed common interests and issues related to the association’s internal affairs and programs, with ways of utilizing and deploying latest technologies to automate their own jobs.

Highlighting the role of software solutions and e-applications in boosting the work of administrative and accounting departments, MenaITech’s CEO, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, said, “MenaITech’s applications provide small and large businesses with integrated work systems that ensure strong correlations between interrelated administrative work environments and high competitive capabilities.”

In the main session, Hawamdeh also underscored the importance of automating administrative and human capital management systems as well as operating cloud accounting software in developing and maintaining effective administrative and accounting processes to enhance general work performance.

In the subsequent work sessions, experts stressed the necessity of intensifying efforts and employing skills and capabilities to improve the productivity of administrative accountants and keep them in pace with the latest technologies in the field.

JAMA is a non-profit professional society that was created by merging two innovative ideas into one promising vision: to create programs that will support and upgrade the level of Jordanian accountants to meet international professional standards, and to find a strategic partner for the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) in Jordan.