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Nov 2012

MenaITech sponsors Jeddah Human Resources Forum 2012

MenaITech, the regional company specialized in building and deploying human resources applications, has sponsored Jeddah Human Resources Forum 2012, which seeks to underscore the importance of human resources (HR) to the success of companies and growing industries.

MenaITech’s gold sponsorship of the fourth edition of the forum which was patronized by the Saudi Minister of Labor Adel Fakeih and convened under the theme ‘Toward a Sustainable Human Development’ comes as part of its strategy to supply labor markets with highly-qualified human resources.

The forum which is considered the biggest gathering of human resource experts discussed the best HR practices in terms of employment mechanisms, training, performance management, and developing talents in different business sectors.

In his comment, MenaITech’s CEO, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, expressed his pleasure for MenaITech’s involvement in the event, saying, “We are delighted to participate in sponsoring Jeddah Human Resources Forum, which has been a huge success since its launch three years ago and offered participants the opportunity to exchange expertise on diverse human resources development topics.”

Hawamdeh added, “Given the significant role that human resources play in business performance evaluations, our administration pays special heed to investing in the company’s personnel and providing constant workforce training and development through skills upgrading and courses.”

After being honored, Hawamdeh extended his thanks to the Saudi Labor Minister and event organizers, noting that MenaITech seeks through its participation in the event as the exclusive provider of Human Capital Information System (HCIS) to demonstrate the availability of highly integrated HR systems to help organizations manage employee data.

The participants in the four-day forum concentrated on modern HR management practices and ways to apply them in the different Saudi business sectors, key and innovative HR concepts to upgrade the work environment, and means of controlled transference of knowledge to national talents.

The forum activities which targeted corporate executives and HR department staff also included meetings and symposiums on how to make a business’s HR department a strategic partner in specifying and developing the qualifications needed in that business.

In addition, several panel discussions were organized to acquaint newly-appointed HR employees with key HR responsibilities, the role of HR in strategic planning, and mechanisms of attracting, retaining and training human capital.