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Apr 2018

MenaITech Renews its Support for the Air Ambulance Center

MenaITech renewed its support of the Air Ambulance Center for the third year in a row as part of its social responsibility which is core to MenaITech identity and a cornerstone of its founding values. The Air Ambulance Center transports critically injured patients in need of urgent care in remote locations or distant governorates to specialized hospitals, which are best equipped to deal with each individual case.


MenaITech’s support of the Air Ambulance Center comes as part of its social responsibility which goes back to its founding identity. The lifesaving work of the center involves transporting traffic accident victims and emergency cases from remote areas and distant governorates to advanced treatment centers equipped with the medical services that these cases require.

The Jordanian Air Ambulance Center boasts a cadre of specialized doctors and has two helicopters equipped with advanced medical devices and equipment comparable to a mobile hospital. The Center provides all necessary assistance to help patients to reach hospitals as soon as possible with highly professional and highly skilled pilots and staff.   

The agreement was signed by CEO of MenaITech, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh and the Director of the Jordanian Air Ambulance Center, Lt. Col. Rami Al-Amoush who applauded MenaITech’s support. Lt. Col Al-Amoush reaffirmed that this type of direct or indirect support helps save the lives of injured or sick people in dire need of this service.”

MenaITech specializes in the development of human resources management systems and a wide-range of solutions directly provided to companies or through a cloud-based platform.  Dr. Hawamdeh added, “We at MenaITech highly value the work of the Air Ambulance Center because they serve and protect Jordanians. The Air Ambulance’s main goal is to save lives; this center is a source of Jordanian pride and represents Jordan’s commitment to saving citizens’ lives.”