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Apr 2018

MenaITech First in Region to Adopt Mind Rockets Inc. Virtual Sign Language Avatar for HR Systems

MenaITech, the region’s largest provider of human capital information systems (HCIS), entered into an agreement with Mind Rockets Inc, which develops assistive technological solutions for the deaf and hard of hearing, to provide avatars that deliver instant translation from on-screen content to sign language.

The system translates text on MenaITech’s website and MenaME® platform – the employee and manager self-service gateway, to sign language for users who are deaf or hard of hearing. MenaITech is the first HCIS company in the region to provide this feature to its clients and the general public.

CEO of MenaITech, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh commented, “We believe that technology should serve all people to help them accomplish more, whether in their professional or daily lives.” He elaborated, “Working with Mind Rockets not only represents our drive to implement innovative technology, but also our ongoing commitment to make our systems more accessible to a greater number of people in addition to creating a more inclusive digital world in the region.”

The Mind Rockets system will be implemented on MenaITech’s MenaME®, which allows users to access HR services such as leave and vacation requests, attendance and departure records, salary-slips and other core HR functions. With Mind Rockets services, employees who are deaf or hard of hearing can easily manage their HR functions from anywhere in the world.

MenaITech has allocated a large space for creation and innovation for its systems with intellectual property rights which are now approaching over 15 years. In addition, MenaITech was recently ranked among the top ten payroll solution providers by HR Tech Outlook.