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Nov 2016

MenaITech Participates in Dubai HR Summit

CEO of MenaITech Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh emphasized the importance of digitizing human resources as the cornerstone of promoting innovation in organizations and companies.

Dr. Hawamded, on the sidelines of the Dubai HR Summit 2016, commented, “By the digitization of human resources, we are referring to a complete transition to human resources systems and solutions that go beyond attracting talent or managing employees’ working hours. We are referring to systems and solutions that enable decision-makers to create strategies based on data that is produced through this digitization.”

Dr. Hawamdeh stated that the technological developments in human resources systems has become an inevitable matter along with all the various technology breakthroughs which have been happening at an accelerated pace during the last few years. With these fast-paced developments, companies are still trying to determine their limits and applications, whether it be e-government, the internet of things, cloud computing, electronic governance and other new applications.

MenaITech participated in the Summit to keep current with the latest developments in the human resources field in the region in addition to share knowledge and shed light on the future of human resources management. MenaITech also participated to reinforce the company’s presence in the Gulf market.

The Dubai HR Summit 2016 was held between November 14-16 with the participation of more than 4,000 specialists and experts from around the world and the region to discuss the latest developments in the field, study best practices, and network with influencers and leaders in the human resources field.