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Feb 2016

JKB provides MenaITech human resources solutions to its SME clients

Jordan Kuwait Bank (JKB) and MenaITech signed a partnership agreement, through which small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will use the human resources management solutions through MENA IP for cloud computing.

The agreement, which was signed between Abdul Kareem Freihat, JKB’s Head of Operations & Information and Bashar Hawamdeh, MenaITech CEO, stipulates integrating MENA IP, one of the leading cloud computing platforms in the local market with the Bank’s internet system provided for the enterprises.

The signing of this agreement underscores JKB’s keenness to respond to the needs of its SME clients, as this system will enrich the services and incentives package provided to this sector, said Freihat.

He added that the Bank now will provide the SMEs sector with integrated software solutions, provided by MenaITech through the cloud computing platform to enable businesses use these systems for basic operational cost, to facilitate their financial transactions.

This programme also allows SMEs to manage and calculate their employees’ salaries through MenaLite systems and transfer the payments directly to the Bank through the automated connectivity between the two systems- payroll system and MenaLite- and make them available to the SMEs sector through the internet banking system that is operating in accordance to highest standards of confidentiality and safety.

JKW offers this service to its customers for free in the first year.

In addition, it provides its customers with independent and integrated solutions, to enable this sector of running its daily managerial work such as customer relationship management, institutional strategies and complaints follow up and documents management.

Freihat also noted that the Bank is always keen to provide support to its SMEs clients and provide them with the latest services and technical innovative solutions.

For his part, Hawamdeh said the deployment of technology to serve the various business sectors depends on the integration of enterprises’ work and the deployment of “MENA IP” products and solutions as part of a package that the Bank provide to its SMEs clients.

He added that MenaITech has succeeded in launching a special platform for managing human resources with an intellectual property in 2014. Business solutions through the cloud computing, he added, are capable of serving enterprises’ work in a way compatible with their approach in enhancing work efficiency.

According to Hawamdeh, what distinguishes this technology is that its enables any company to use specialised systems for human resources management or accounting among others with the same efficiency provided to the mega companies and with less cost, and without the need to invest in technical human resources to manage them.

Through its Mena IP, MenaITech provides a number of solutions that are MenaLite for payroll and employees’ self service system, MenaCRM, which is the customer relationship management system and the sales automation processes in addition to supporting the institution’s special customers service; MenaTracks, a technical support system which also receives and follow up complaints; MenaCPM, a system for managing and implementing institutional strategies. MenaITech has also recently released MenaDMS, a system used to archive the institutions’ documents, in addition to MenaTA that helps in increasing growth and productivity.