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Jun 2016

MenaITech distribute parcels of good over families chaste

In response to the call of duty and the confirmation of the company’s working on its local networking and integration strategy, MenaITech, the Jordanian Company specialized in the manufacture of human resource management and institutional management software, has sponsored several Ramadan activities to contribute to the assistance of poor families in all parts of the Kingdom.

A few days ago, MenaITech a few days ago embarked on a bid to communicate with tens of underprivileged families in Amman, the capital, distributing and delivering of provision parcels, a continuation of the company’s principle in Ramadan each year.

MenaITech confirmed that their activities during the holy month are a continuation of their ongoing efforts and activities which aim to integrate with the varied spectra of the local community in order to help its different segments and needy families as much as possible.

MenaITech CEO Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh affirmed that the company’s humble participation in charity work for years in Ramadan activities in order to bolster communication and sympathy with needy families in the holy month is part of the company’s responsibility towards the local community, adding that, “Participating in building the local community is a duty for every individual and every institute working on this land’s soil.”