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Sep 2016

MenaITech Celebrates Success with Social Media Influencers

Making moves where there were none, MenaITech celebrated their success with select young social media influencers under the hashtag بتكلم_ميناآيتك _hr_الـ#.

Unique in their entrepreneurship, MenaITech are at the forefront of human capital management software in the MENA region that is not only designated as intellectual property, but stands out by being fully localised, compatible with the system and legislation requirements of their clientèle.

Launched in 2003 as a vision of their founder, Bashar Hawamdeh, MenaITech have since spread their branches across the MENA region, providing many HR management solutions that compete internationally.

The event was held at Urdon Shop, attended by the Amman MenaITech team and social media influencers invited to experience and share the success story of inspiration that is MenaITech: a Jordanian entrepreneurship that was launched into the world, and its team who have faced, then transformed challenges into real opportunities, thanks to good planning.

Rana Khoury, Director of Art and Marketing at MenaITech indicated that the hashtag بتكلم_ميناآيتك _hr_الـ# adopted to identify MenaITech on Twitter evokes an old song by Makawi. It was inspired by the stories and experiences related by HR teams in client companies using MenaITech systems. To them, their experience with MenaITech systems was comprehensive, and harmonious with their establishments.

Over 1500 corporations and 1,5 million employees benefit from MenaITech systems in the region. With this success behind them, MenaITech have set their sights on Europe as the next stage in their expansion strategy.