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Dec 2015

MenaITech and Oasis 500 Sign Collaboration Agreement to Support Startups

MenaITech signed a collaboration agreement with the Oasis 500 Investment Fund with the goal of providing startups with MenaITech systems.

The agreement was signed recently by CEO of MenaITech Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh and the CEO of Oasis 500 Yousef Hamidaddin.

The agreement aims to provide MenaITech cloud computing systems and software to startup companies, giving them the opportunity to manage their internal operations during their launch stage.

On this occasion, CEO of MenaITech Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh said: “Supporting startup companies is in line with the direction of MenaITech to encourage entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs in Jordan. It is worth mentioning that this is the third agreement our company initiates with the goal of supporting startup companies (small and medium-sized) in Jordan.”

Dr. Hawamdeh added, “The solutions provided by MenaITech are designed to meet the needs of companies regardless of their size, whether they are small, medium, or large enterprises.” He noted that cloud computing solutions enabled companies to acquire various systems and software at competitive prices in line with their budget and the capabilities that they require.

CEO of Oasis 500 Yousef Hamidaddin added, “Signing this agreement comes as part of Oasis’s efforts to provide outstanding services that support the growth of startup companies and strengthens their chances of success.”

Hamidaddin reaffirmed that Oasis will continue to play a vital role in supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in the Kingdom through its investment fund which focuses on technology, innovative industries, space technology, and other sectors. Oasis invested in 117 startup companies and developed the entrepreneurial capabilities of over 2,000 entrepreneurs across different parts of the Kingdom.