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Dec 2015

MenaITech signs partnership agreement with Capital Bank

AMMAN (JORDAN)— Capital Bank announced signing the first of its kind partnership agreement with Al Muthla Company for software services (MenaITech) to help overcome challenges and provide services for the small and medium- sized companies.

As per the agreement, Capital Bank will provide these companies with an opportunity to benefit from the human resources and business solutions through “MenaIP” cloud computing platform, which is one of the first platforms launched locally and regionally. The move seeks to strengthen this sector’s contribution to the national economy and improve its competitiveness.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Haitham Kamhiyah, General Manager of Capital Bank and Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, “MenaITech” CEO,in the presence of members of the executive management of both institutions.

Commenting on this agreement Kamhiyah said, this partnership is a continuation of the bank’s new strategy that was adopted and announced recently through an intensive marketing campaign that focused on providing specialized and exclusive services for the small and medium-sized companies.

He added that “Today, we are proud to sign this agreement that is the first of its kind with MenaITech to provide the opportunity for these companies to benefit from the systems made available to them”.

These systems include human resources and business solutions that are part of incentive packages the Bank provides to the small and medium-sized companies, according to Kamhiyah.
The Capital Bank General Manager also noted that this agreement is part of a series of agreements that the Bank will sign in the upcoming few days with other companies and institutions to serve this sector and encourage owners of these companies to benefit from the exclusive incentives the Bank offers to them.

Kamhiyah also stressed that these incentives that will be provided to the small and medium-sized enterprises sector is a true testimony of the new strategy that Capital Bank is adopting to support this sector and to be the leading bank in serving this sector.

For his part Hawamdeh said MenaITech is considered one of the leading companies that worked on utilizing the cloud computing technology to serve the business sector, and it succeeded in launching a platform that provides services including solutions and software that enjoy intellectual property in the beginning of 2014.

He added that the success of MenaIP in attracting mega companies in the business world is just a proof of the importance of the business solution used through cloud computing technology that serves companies in a way that is appropriate to their needs and strengthens work efficiency for low cost.
He added that what is distinguished about this technology is that it can respond to the needs of companies, not only the big ones, but also the small and medium enterprises. Through this technology, according to Hawamdeh, any company can use specialized systems to manage human resources or accounting among other business solutions with high efficiency that is equal to the one used by the big companies without the need to pay high cost of licensing.