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Jun 2015

MenaITech Distributes Care Packages to Underprivileged Families and Supports the ‘Boost’ Initiative

As part of its regular yearly activities and overall business strategy to connect and engage with the community, MenaITech, specializing in the development of human capital information systems, supported several Ramadan activities with the aim of helping and supporting underprivileged families across the entire Kingdom.

MenaITech, a few days ago, connected with tens of underprivileged families living in poverty-stricken areas in the capital of Amman. MenaITech employees distributed care packages to these families, continuing the company’s tradition of reaching out to the community during every Ramadan of every year.

In addition to the distribution of the care packages, MenaITech during this Ramadan, supported the ‘Boost’ initiative’s campaign which ran under the slogan ‘Help them become champions’. This initiative aimed to support talented athletes with the basic requirements for their respective sports, such as clothing, shoes, and sports equipment. The initiative involved collecting second-hand athletic clothes and shoes through donation boxes placed in 10 sports centers.

MenaITech affirmed that its activities during the Holy Month of Ramadan are a continuation of its efforts throughout the years. The major goal of these activities is to engage the community and support families with limited incomes and living in poverty-stricken areas.

CEO of MenaITech Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh emphasized that the company’s responsibility toward people with limited income has been happening for years, mainly through Ramadan activities. The goal of these activities is to further connect with the community and to feel with the underprivileged families during the Holy Month. To reinforce employee participation in these activities, it is important to mention that this year we also supported the ‘Boost’ initiative which covers limited-income athletes who need support, equipment, and clothing to succeed in their sports.