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Jul 2022

Al Raya Leading Chains Launch MenaITech Solutions

MenaITech’s newest client in Saudi Arabia, Al Raya, has taken off with the utilization of MenaITech services.

One of the leading supermarket chains in Saudi Arabia, Al Raya implemented between February and May 2022 a number of MenaITech solutions tailored to improve efficiency and effectiveness. As part of their digital transformation, the Al Raya team was trained by MenaITech to use the MenaPay®, MenaME®, and MenaTA® modules and will continue to receive consulting and technical support.

“We are grateful for the dedication the MenaITech team showed as well as the role they played in ensuring a successful project,” stated the management of Al Raya, who emphasized their aim to serve their team members better so that they serve their customers better.

Based on a deep understanding of needs and interests, and using best practices and the latest technologies, MenaITech put in place cost-efficient tools to enhance collaboration and accelerate all HR processes for employees, in alignment with management.

Established in 1991, Al Raya today has 55 branches located on the Saudi Arabian western coast. Its work with MenaITech is part of its journey in digital transformation, towards further growth, enhancement, and success creation.