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Apr 2022

March Double Delight: Happiness Day and Mother’s Day Celebrations

Offices that are full of smiles and positivity are the way offices should be, and we here at MenaITech are happy to report that our rooms are always lit up with grins and optimism. On March 20th, employees were grinning from ear to ear, wishing each other a “Happy Happiness Day!” all day long. And when each employee received a bright yellow smiley face pin, they were quick to clip it on and take equally “cheesy” pictures.

The day’s activities did not end there. Employees wrote kind, heart-felt but anonymous handwritten notes for their fellow coworkers, complimenting everything from their fashion sense to their enjoyable company. The notes were placed in a box, and then distributed to the respective employees. Some employees shared the notes that were sent to them, which had sweet messages such as “I love your smile”, “You’ve got great vibes” and “Lucky to know someone like you!”, making everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside.

And it was as if the happy festivities kept going. Employees played a classic and fun balloon scratch-off game, bringing them right back to their childhood. Employees scratched off a spot on the game board, received a number, and picked out a balloon with the corresponding number. Employees had a great laugh over who was lucky to score the biggest balloon, and who won the tiniest.

The next day, March 21st, was another reason for happiness and joy, where MenaITech celebrated the most generous and self-sacrificing workers, its wonderful mothers. Mothers are like the captains of a ship: steering everyone towards a safe and bright destination, caring for the wellbeing of the crew and others around them, and making all the right calls when things don’t go exactly as planned. To make sure that they knew how much we love and appreciate them, MenaITech distributed beautiful and colorful flowers to our mothers and employees and wished them a Happy Mother’s Day. We are thankful for our mothers and all they’ve done for us, and one day isn’t enough to celebrate such a caring, beautiful, and amazing soul. We’d be lost without you, mom!