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Aug 2022

Menaitech Combines Corporate Rebranding With System Upgrade

Menaitech has undertaken corporate rebranding, emphasizing with that its advanced and dynamic approach and its modernity as it continues its commitment to corporate growth through people, culture, and success.

With bold font and colors, the new logo depicts leadership and teamwork in moving forward within a unified vision toward development.

“We have always been ahead of the curve in anticipating change in our region and innovating the best ways to tackle its HR needs; like our products and services, our rebranding represents continuity of our mission combined with agility, modernity, and dynamism,” said Menaitech CEO, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh.

The rebranding coincided with a system upgrade that allows for an easier HR operation flow and employee-manager interaction, and offers new services: MenaBot chat bot and MenaMe-Plus®; new modules: the Individual Development Plan and onboarding modules; and a new look and feel for various features and services including the payroll dashboard, notification screen, employee profile, organizational charts, and others.

“It is always our aim to bring in the latest technologies and services that enhance our clients’ experience and offer them user-friendly yet efficient services. We accompany them throughout their journey to reach their full potential with a focus on their people, a healthy workplace culture, and success for employee, manager, and corporation,” said Dr. Hawamdeh.