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Mar 2018

HR Tech Outlook Magazine Recognizes MenaITech as one of the Top 10 Payroll Solution Providers

HR Tech Outlook has recently selected MenaITech as one of the top 10 payroll solution providers around the world, according to a panel of judges measuring industry standards.

HR Tech Outlook recognized MenaITech for its recent steps to differentiate its software development and human resources management solution (HRMS), which are core components for most companies and organizations across a diverse range of economic sectors.

The international magazine based its selection of the ten companies on core competency standards, products and services, innovations and the company’s position in the market.

The selection process went through multiple stages, starting with nominations by readers, followed by comprehensive research by the selection committee, which was made up of chief executives, representatives and analysts, in addition to the HR Tech Outlook editorial board.

In recent years, MenaITech has pioneered the development and implementation of enterprise and HRMS Solutions. These efforts have been backed by the latest trends and best practices globally, including cloud computing and smart applications to support the missions of human resources departments and employees of organizations from all sectors across 25 markets.

Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, Founder and CEO of MenaITech commented on this achievement, “This recognition by a global magazine specializing in HR technology, HR Tech Outlook, is important because it represents a global acknowledgment of what we accomplished, what our Jordanian company has achieved, and the success of our products which have focused on intellectual property and the latest technology trends in recent years.”

Hawamdeh stressed, “This recognition will lead us to work harder during the next phase to maintain excellence, enter new markets and serve new organizations and economic sectors in addition to expanding in the markets and sectors in which we currently operate.”

MenaITech, for over 14 years, has served over 1,700 companies and 500 cloud-computing clients in the Middle East and North Africa region with its comprehensive suite of HR technology solutions. MenaITech is the largest provider of HR technology in the region and has a portfolio of over 1.5 million users across 25 countries.