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Jul 2018

MenaITech Launches Academy and MenaPay® Professional Program for Payroll and Personnel Management

MenaITech, the Jordan-based company specializing in human capital information systems and organizational management, announced the official launch of the MenaITech Academy with the pilot MenaPay® Professional Program which is designed to provide employees with the knowledge and skills to become proficient in the payroll and personnel management.


The launch of this academy comes as part of MenaITech’s belief in the importance of building the capacities of human resources employees in all industries. MenaITech will implement in the near future courses for its payroll and personnel management program (MPAY-CP®) to increase their knowledge and equip employees with the skills to succeed in the HR field.

The program offered by the academy caters to HR specialists and employees involved in payroll calculations. Those enrolled in the program will gain practical knowledge and understanding of payroll and personnel management systems which cover important HR functions, in addition to the opportunity of advancing their careers as well as professional development.

The curriculum and the program will cover a diverse range of topics, including organization structures, employee files, financial transactions, leave management, payroll calculations and much more. Participants in the program will receive a certificate and professional designation from MenaPay® (MPAY-CP®) after completing the required exam.

MenaITech Founder and CEO, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, said that this step comes as part of the company’s belief in the importance of preparing employees in the HR field to become specialists and increase their foundational knowledge, especially when it comes to payroll and personnel management.

Hawamdeh reaffirmed that the content participating employees will receive during the program will be beneficial by introducing them to the latest HR management technology and how to use it at their organizations and companies.

This program at the MenaITech Academy will provide many benefits for the participants such as introducing them to payroll and personnel management systems, reinforce their capabilities and credibility when it comes to payroll and personnel management, professional and career development, expand their base of knowledge and their skill in line with global best practices, and learn how to comprehend and analyze important data that impacts the organization.

The program will also benefit organizations by giving them an opportunity to retain their high-performing top employees, build their employees’ knowledge base and professional capabilities, and raise the performance and excellence level of the HR department. This certification will also reflect positively on the organization’s brand and reputation as an adopter of advanced technology.

MenaITech invests greatly in development and innovation for its systems which have gained intellectual property rights for over 15 years. In addition to MenaITech’s major achievements in the Middle East and North Africa region, it was recently named as one of the top ten most important payroll systems provider in the world.