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May 2018

MenaITech Lights 16th Anniversary Candle Commemorating Expansion and New Focus on Cloud Computing and Smart Applications

Amman — After 15 years of continuous accomplishments in the information and communications technologies sector in addition to excellence in the local and Arab markets, MenaITech is implementing its strategy to further develop its HR products and specialized solutions relying on the latest technologies such as cloud computing. MenaITech is also pursuing its expansion strategy to enter new Arab and international markets.

MenaITech reaffirmed that it will remain committed to developing specialized HR technology and organization management solutions, relying on intellectual property rights and the innovation and creativity of Jordanian minds. This will help MenaITech better serve its existing and potential clients across 25 markets in the Arab region.

MenaITech celebrated the 15th anniversary of its establishment highlighting its successes which involved reaching 2,200 clients and organizations working in different fields across the Arab region. When these organizations utilize software for human capital management, they entrust MenaITech’s brand to serve their 1.5 million users.

As part of this celebration, MenaITech organized a ceremony in Jerash, where it focused on discussing its achievements, growth vision, and product development in the HR field. The CEO of MenaITech, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh and MenaITech employees attended this ceremony.

MenaITech was established on May 8, 2003; it grew and expanded over the years by relying on innovating and developing its solutions which have started to transform to cloud computing technology. The company also expanded its operations, growing to 150 employees through five offices across the region in Jordan, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dubai, Kuwait in addition to partners across the Arab World. In 2012, MenaITech launched the cloud version of its HR system for small and medium sized businesses to support entrepreneurship. In addition, there is continuous developments and upgrades on these systems as well as adopting the latest best practices in the labor market. Today MenaITech has a portfolio of 500 cloud computing solutions in the MENA region.

CEO of MenaITech, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh said, “Today we see ourselves with more than 2,200 client using our products; we are motivated to work harder, achieve our ambitions and dream bigger than in any time in the past. It is important to work as a team and create synergy as individual members of the company.”

Hawamdeh added, “Expertise, innovation, and creativity have led us in the past to enter 25 markets in the region, and we will continue to rely on these pillars to expand and position the MenaITech brand as the premier HR solutions provider globally by relying and focusing on the latest technology which we first implement.”

MenaITech was established in 2003 with a small number of employees and a modest startup capital. In 2004 the company promoted its commercial activities and marketed its solutions to large organizations such as the Palestine Telecommunications Group which is considered the first client of MenaITech along with the Al Jazeera TV channel in Qatar.

Since 2006, MenaITech witnessed a significant increase in the number of clients and began generating interest from investors. In 2008, the company was acquired by Optimiza (Al Faris National Company), expanding MenaITech’s market share and raising its visibility on the Arab level through its continuously growing capabilities. In 2010, MenaITech reaped the rewards of investing in technology development, attracting a new group of investors upon the announcement of its second acquisition.

After this growth and expansion, the company achieved revenues in 2017 of six million USD, which happens to be the same year MenaITech acquired 01 Tracks which specializes in IT support services.