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Apr 2022

Let’s Gather Round: MenaITech’s Roundtable Event in Cairo

On March 10th, 2022, MenaITech’s very own Bashar Hawamdeh held a roundtable event called “Tomorrow’s HR Today” in the heart of Egypt. This event hosted some of the top HR companies and organizations in Egypt, with everyone keen to learn more about and share their experiences in HR as the world continues to see developments in the field’s technologies and automated processes.

Moderated by the founder of Al-7arefa, Nermine El Nemr, Dr. Hawamdeh conducted the event to connect with members of the HR community, using it as an opportunity to discuss the advantages of automating and digitizing HR processes, and highlighting how their successful implementation can help increase productivity and drive business growth. Dr. Hawamdeh’s valuable insights on topics including Industrial HR, HR Analytics and KPIs, and Mobile Recruitment opened the floor for a question and answer session, where almost everyone participated.

Throughout the event, participants took part in asking questions about employee retention and how it can be enhanced using modern technology, measuring employee compensations and benefits, utilizing mobile phones in talent acquisition to create mobile-friendly applications for job seekers, automating HR processes for daily and complex tasks, and much more.

As the event came to a close, members expressed their enthusiasm as it sparked a brainstorming session and fruitful conversation among Dr. Hawamdeh and the participants. Members from different industries found themselves coming together to further discuss strategic plans for future innovations and developments in HR, thus reinforcing the positive energy and productivity of the event.

We thank everyone who attended and made it an even more enriching meeting, bringing their fresh ideas and experiences to the table, and we look forward to seeing tomorrow’s HR innovations and developments, today!