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Mar 2007

MenaITech CEO Lectures on HR in Hashemite University

MenaITech Raises Attention to HR within Business Degrees

The Hashemite University invited Mr. Bashar Hawamdeh, CEO of MenaITech (Middle East and North Africa Internet Technologies) this Sunday to give a lecture for its students and staff on Human Resources as a vital aspect of business administration in order to raise awareness on the booming HR industry.

During the lecture, Mr. Hawamdeh clarified the prevalent misconception of HR as purely a Personnel discipline. He said: “We at MenaITech insist on broadening the traditional concept of HR as purely related to personnel management. This is why we have created two separate systems, MenaHR® which focuses on pure HR management such as recruitment and training, and MenaPay® which focuses on payroll and personnel matters such as leave management.”

The lecture was attended by business and IT students along with the Hashemite University Personnel Manager Dr. Abed al Ghafour al Zawahreh, Head of Business Administration Dr. Feisal al Madi, and BA Lecturer Dr. Nader abu Sheikha.

Dr. Madi said: “We are glad to have hosted such a prestigious company in our premises. The students were very interactive during the session and Mr. Hawamdeh did a great job in demonstrating the leading HR concepts in a dynamic and brief format.”

Mr. Hawamdeh demonstrated the usefulness of Human Resources Management Systems and explained how all HR concepts and policies can be automated through such technologies.

MenaITech is the first software company in the Arab region specialized in the development and distribution of Human Resources solutions to top public and private companies of various countries operating in the Middle East and North Africa. Its local client base currently includes Capital Bank, Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, STS, Xpress and much more.