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May 2007

MenaITech Honors its Employees in Celebration of its Five Year Anniversary

MenaITech, an Optimiza Company; Hosts Dinner as Part of the Labor Day Festivities

Middle East and North Africa Internet Technologies (MenaITech), an Optimiza company, honored its employees at a dinner held yesterday in Sultan Ibrahim restaurant to celebrate Labor Day and its five year anniversary.

Mr. Mohammad Amoum and Mr. Mohammad Naeem were awarded Sony cameras during the dinner as part of a gift for their new ventures in Optimiza’s regional offices and MenaITech’s business partners.

MenaITech CEO Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh said, “Although we are all genuinely going to feel a sense of loss for the departure of these two employees who have proved great assets in the past few years, we are happy to announce that they are going to consolidate MenaITech’s expertise throughout our regional network due to MenaITech’s full-fledged regional expansion this year.”

Regarding MenaITech’s five year anniversary, Dr. Hawamdeh said, “It is of great pride that I stand here announcing our five year anniversary which has led to the accomplishments that have materialized today. In our short years of operation, MenaITech has accomplished more than we had ever envisioned; from 2 employees we have expanded today to 40, from 1 client in Palestine we have expanded to 140 across the region. These numbers are the outcome of our team’s dedication and hard work.”

It is worthwhile mentioning that MenaITech was acquired at the end of 2007 by Optimiza (Al-Faris National Company/ ASE:CEBC), a business consulting and technology implementations company in the region. With this step, Optimiza has become the owner of a wide variety of integrated solutions and services that enhance the performance of companies in the different sectors it serves including the telecom, banking, insurance, manufacturing and distribution, healthcare and government sectors.