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Apr 2007

Jordan and Bahrain Experts Come Together in an Interactive Seminar

Entitled: Human Resources Management Automation Systems The New Buzzword

Golden Trust Business Consultancy held an interactive seminar yesterday entitled “Human Resources Management Automation Systems – The New Buzzword” in the Bahrain Institute for Banking and Finance, an event that was sponsored by the Bahrain Management Society with the cooperation of Middle East and North Africa Internet Technologies (MenaITech) in order to raise awareness on both the theoretical and practical aspects of human resources management.

The seminar was attended by top management and human resources experts from both the Bahraini private and public sectors.

Dr. Lulwa Al Mutlaq, Chief Executive of Golden Trust said: “This seminar reinforces the fact that the Human Resources field in Bahrain is in a constant boom whilst paving the way towards HRM Automation Systems – a buzzword that organizations in search of optimum performance can no longer avoid.”

She added: “Through its management consultation services, Golden Trust Business Consultancy provides organizations with strategic HR management decisions whereas MenaITech develops an information management system to carry out and maintain the HRM process. Such a partnership provides clients with a complete package in human resources management development.”

On his part, Mr. Bashar Hawamdeh CEO of MenaITech said: “Through the participation of two Arab countries; Jordan and Bahrain, this seminar offers transfer of know how between both the Levant and the Gulf region, illustrating the great need for HR development throughout the Arab region as a whole.”