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May 2019

MenaITech Celebrates its Employees in its Annual Iftar

Amman- MenaITech, a software services company specialized in human resource solutions and services, celebrated Ramadan with its employees on Thursday during its annual Iftar event. The company has been organizing this event every year to engage with its staff and to share the joyful Ramadan atmospheres with them.

The Iftar celebration was held at Tal El Snobar restaurant in Amman and was attended by the company’s CEO and founder, Bashar Al Hawamdeh. The event was dominated by a family Ramadan atmosphere and the company stressed its continuous work as one team with complete harmony between all its staff. These principles have enabled the company today to have a presence in twenty five markets throughout the Arab region.

Dr. Al Hawamdeh extended his best wishes to the company’s employees during this blessed month and wished them a happy Eid al Fitr, stressing the importance of the close relationship between the company’s management and its staff and the importance of coordination and harmony between all of the company’s elements.

Al Hawamdeh said that this annual tradition held by the company aims at communicating with its employees and celebrating the holy month and that it comes as part of the many social activities and events organized by the company throughout the year to enhance team spirit and cooperation between everyone and to provide a healthy and social work environment for its workers.

Al Hawamdeh added that the company will continue its hard work and expansionary vision to join new markets and will develop its products, especially those based on modern technology such as cloud computing.

MenaITech was established in 2003 and has been able during the past years to gain an exceptional position within its sector concerned with human resource software. It aims at providing human resource solutions to its clients to enable them to increase revenues from human resource capital investment by providing company managements with accurate and trusted information and by improving methods of access to information to lower costs resulting from applying the system.