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Mar 2019

MenaITech Partnerships with “TechoSmart” to Strengthen its Presence In The Bahraini Market

“MenaITech” successfully concludes its participation in Bahrain International Technology Exhibition “BITEX”

Amman- As part of its expansion strategy in the region’s markets, and its keenness to be present at the largest and most important technological forums and exhibitions in the region and to search for new markets, especially in the Gulf area, MenaITech concluded its successful participation in BITEX, which was held alongside with the MEET ICT conference.

MenaITech, a Jordanian company specializing in human resources solutions and programming, has confirmed the importance of this participation in the exhibition held during 19-21 of March, in order to strengthen its presence in the Bahraini and the Gulf region markets. The participation in such an exhibition has presented the opportunity for networking and communication and for presenting its technological products in managing human resources for a large number of participating firms and parties.

During its presence in BITEX, MenaITech has announced its partnership with the Bahraini firm “TechoSmart” in order to strengthen its presence in the Bahraini market and to provide Bahraini human resources departments with the best digital solutions.

MenaITech was one of six Jordanian technological participants in BITEX, as part of the Jordanian pavilion, which was organized by the Information and Communications Technology Association-intaj. The conference and the exhibition were under the patronage of the Minister of Transportation and Communication Eng. Kamal Bin Ahmad.

Dr. Hawamdeh, founder and executive president of MenaITech, confirmed that the company’s participation in such an exhibition has provided it with the chance to directly communicate with companies in the Gulf region specifically and other companies in the region in general.

Dr. Hawamdeh also noted that MenaITech today has a presence in more than 25 markets and services hundreds of firms and companies with its human resources systems and that such participation will strengthen its presence in these markets, also noting the importance of the partnership with TechoSmart which will also enhance the presence of MenaITech systems in the Bahraini market.

Dr. Hawamdeh expressed that this exhibition paves the way for investment partnerships between Jordanian companies and the participating companies in general since the Jordanian programming and business solution products are highly regarded among the competing Arab companies.

On his part, the General Manager of TechoSmart, Mohamad Hajjiri, has confirmed the importance of the presence of Arab companies in BITEX, as such presence reinforces and enhances the opportunities for Arab companies to work in the GCC and contributes to the exchange of expertise in the region.

Hajjiri confirmed that there exists a multitude of opportunities in Bahrain, noting that the partnership with MenaITech, participating in BITEX, is to strengthen the human resources departments and provide them with the best digital solutions.

BITEX has offered the latest solutions, systems and innovations and products for many fields including virtual reality, network and information security and blockchain forums.