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Apr 2019

CEGCO Implements MenaITech’s HR Management Systems

Amman — Central Electricity Generating Company (CEGCO) recently implemented MenaITech’s human resource management systems with the goal of digitally transforming its human capital which plays a critical role in generating electricity across its electric plants throughout all governorates in the Kingdom.

CEGCO fully-implemented MenaITech’s systems during the month of March to benefit from a host of features that increase organizational effectiveness, save time and provide greater transparency at the HR department. 

CEGCO implemented the following MenaITech systems within their HR department which include: MenaPay, MenaHR, MenaME, MenaTA, Mena Mobile, and MenaSMS.

Founder and CEO of MenaITech, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh said that energy and electric sector is one of the most important and vital sectors in the Kingdom and with CEGCO’s adoption of MenaITech’s systems represents a major addition to the client portfolio which is diverse and serves a range of Jordanian economic sectors. 

Hawamdeh reaffirmed, “At MenaITech, we are delighted to serve this company with human resource management technology and provide it with specialized HR solutions to support their operations and empower it to utilize their human capital to its full potential in an era where technology has become integral to all economic sectors.”

Project Manager at CEGCO, Mr. Ghaleb Hourani, said that utilizing MenaITech’s HR management systems comes as part of the company’s digital transformation to best utilize technology to create efficient operations, save time and effort and increase the returns on the company’s human capital.