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Mar 2018

MenaITech Celebrates its Biggest Clients in 2018 Creatively

“Just as colors and lines converge to create your picture, MenaITech’s services have been meeting your needs for over 14 years — Your picture identifies you and so does MenaITech’s intellectual property. We loved being part of your success story and part of your memories,” Bashar Hawamdeh.

These phrases made up the wrapping of MenaITech’s new annual gifts. MenaITech, a company specializing in human capital information systems, was developed by Jordanian innovators and carries prominent intellectual property rights in the technology industry.


The annual gifts were portrait sketches of MenaITech’s biggest clients who make up a significant part of the company’s identity and its story as one of the largest human capital information systems provider in the Middle East. The hand-drawn sketches started as an idea by Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh and the MenaITech marketing team. The gifts and introduction statement represent MenaITech’s story of harmony and expertise which sets the company’s HR systems apart. As these systems are being used by more than 1,700 companies all over the world and more than 2 million users, the idea came to capture the faces of these successful people. The goal of the gifts was meant to highlight these business owners and their success stories.


More than 200 pencils and chalk, two cans of make-up and eye shadow, and residue from tens of cups of coffee were all used as primary materials for the sketches. They also took more than 150 hours of work over the course of three months by the artist Hind Khlaifat which completed the entire job on her own. What made these minor details special was the innovative way they were used in combination with the materials utilized to create the annual gifts. Hawamdeh said that 2018 will witness greater efforts to meet the needs of our clients, expansion into new markets and providing clients with the latest HR systems.