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Sep 2018

MenaITech Adopts Artificial Intelligence Utilizing Products and Solutions from a Jordanian Startup

Tools and systems that respond and interact with humans, software that detects and responds to questions, and the ability to serve people from all walks of life have become a reality. No longer science fiction, this now all falls under the realm of artificial intelligence.

It is no longer acceptable today, in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution, to label artificial intelligence as a gimmick or a novelty. Artificial intelligence has proliferated more and more across the world, playing a greater role in people’s daily lives.

The biggest technology companies in the world are investing in artificial intelligence, so are organizations in many other sectors that are now adopting this technology to make their business streamlined, saving time, effort and money.

In Jordan, our companies have followed the implementation of artificial intelligence technologies, which independent studies estimate will generate revenues of over 37 billion dollars in five years. Innovative startups have built artificial intelligence services in Arabic in addition to other languages. One of these startups is Sadeed, which developed artificial intelligence to serve organizations, companies and Facebook page owners to manage and raise their engagement with their followers on this social network.

MenaITech, a company specializing in human capital information systems, was the first company to adopt Sadeed’s artificial intelligence solutions to manage interactions on MenaITech’s Facebook page. The partnership represents a strong backing for this concept and major support for Jordanian startups such as Sadeed.

Three months ago, MenaITech signed an agreement with Sadeed to utilize their artificial intelligence services which involve a solution to automatically respond to comments on MenaITech’s Facebook page in less than 10 seconds in addition to removing abusive comments. Today, MenaITech launched a ‘smart chatbot conversation’ service on messenger, building on the agreement with Sadeed after the success of their technology in raising the levels of engagement of the social media followers.

The ‘smart conversation’ service on Messenger provides responses to questions of the user and gives them information about MenaITech and its HR management services in just a few seconds.

Commenting on the implementation of these smart solutions, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, Founder and CEO of MenaITech said, “This collaboration with Sadeed achieves two goals for our company; the first is implementing the latest artificial intelligence technology based on global standards in the sector, and secondly to support innovative Jordanian startups.”

Hawamdeh views artificial intelligence as a concept that will grow and expand globally, and companies must take advantage of this technology, especially if it is being provided by Jordanian and Arab startups that Arabize the service. He added that MenaITech looks to manage its social media pages in a smart way.

Founder of Sadeed, Abdullah Al Odat, reaffirmed the importance of MenaITech’s adoption of Sadeed’s innovative services, which gives it an important push and an endorsement of the startup’s products.

He added that the services developed by Sadeed for responding and engaging on social media pages, not just on Facebook, have many benefits such as saving time, quick access to information, responding to users’ questions as with the ‘smart conversation’ service on Messenger that gives complete information on the company’s services in a short amount of time.