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Mar 2007

Jordan Human Resources Management Association Holds a Seminar in Cooperation with MenaITech

Three Entities Meet to Discuss HR Development across Jordan

Jordan Human Resources Management Association (JHRMA) in cooperation with Middle East & North Africa Internet Technologies (MenaITech) held a seminar yesterday entitled Putting HRMS in the Front Seat in Le Royal Hotel to discuss methods and approaches in automating the HR process in order to achieve corporate excellence.

The event was attended by top management from leading Jordanian companies including HR experts and professionals.

President of JHRMA Mr. Ramez Sabanekh introduced the speakers who included Dr. Emad Hudaib President of the European Arab Institute for Management and Technology (EAMTEC) and Mr. Bashar Hawamdeh CEO of MenaITech. He said:

“We thank MenaITech for sponsoring such an event. I hope that MenaITech is leading by example since JHRMA constantly welcomes local HR expert companies to partner with us in such events in order to further develop the HR field within the country.”

On his part, Dr. Hudaib said: “This event is quite unique in its approach since it’s combining three influential entities within the human resources field here in Jordan. On our part, EMTEC Jordan works on educating HR professional through offering them high level certificates supported by Cambridge International College in the UK. Whereas MenaITech was established on the basis of providing HR departments with a system to implement the HR processes manually. And finally JHRMA’s presence is vital since it provides us with great opportunities to network and share best practices for HR development in Jordan.”

Dr. Hudaib added that MenaITech and EAMTEC are jointly transferring their Jordanian expertise to the Gulf Region through their joint cooperation with Golden Trust one of the leading Bahraini Training and Consultancy firms, and a similar event like this one is scheduled to take place in Manama in the second week of April 2007.

Mr. Hawamdeh said: “HRMS is a booming field that has gone hand in hand with the gradual HR boom in the Arab world. Now that human resources departments are no longer alien to leading companies in Jordan, the next progressive step is automating the whole process into fully web based management systems. This will not only expedite the HR workflow, but lead to an overall productive and efficient corporate boom.”