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Aug 2016

VTEL Jordan expands cloud computing services in the Kingdom

AMMAN, JORDAN (AUGUST 2016) — VTEL Jordan signed a strategic cooperation agreement with MenaITech, through which VTEL will expand the cloud computing services, products and various offers to companies and institutions in Jordan through its fiber optics network.

The agreement signed in August will enable VTEL Jordan to expand cloud computing services provided by MenaITech in various sectors and fields including human resources and customer relations management, in addition to other administrative services. It will also allow the use of cloud computing service in high quality and efficiency through the high speed fiber optic internet, throughout the year and with affordable price for individual clients and corporate.

Yahia Abu Salem, VTEL General Manager said: “We are pleased with the signing of this strategic agreement with MenaITech, which will allow us to provide high quality services that are designed to meet growing needs of individuals and corporates”.

“Cloud computing has brought a revolution to the IT industry and enabled corporates and institutions to establish the so-called (virtual offices), bringing flexibility to work places and allowing employees to achieve their tasks in the right time at the right place as they can access data anytime they want,” Abu Salem said, adding, “thus, we decided to provide this service to enable everyone to get it and utilise it to the maximum through VITEL high speed fiber optic network.

For his part, Bashar Hawamdeh, MenaITech CEO said signing this partnership agreement with VTEL aims at enhancing integration between the telecommunications and IT sectors, which will allow for providing business solutions for human resources management through MenaITech cloud computing platform.

He added that the business solutions provided through the cloud computing platform will enable the various companies and institutions to manage human resources efficiently without increasing their spending. According to Hawamdeh, the platform has several systems that are MenaLite for payroll and employees’ self-service system, MenaCRM which is a system for the management of customers’ relations and the atomization of sales and support for enterprise clients. MenaTracks, a technical support system which also receives and follow up on complaints and MenaDMS that is used to archive an institution’s documents.