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Jun 2021

Two New Certified MenaPAY® Training Programs Completed in 2021, the Third on the Way

In the second quarter of 2021, two Certified MenaPAY® Professional Programs were successfully conducted and delivered online to our clients in the MENA region. 

Here at MenaITech, we have been providing professional accreditation programs and training sessions to our clients, employees, and those in the HR field for 3 years, and due to popular demand and the emergence of the pandemic, we have been conducting online training programs for our clients in Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and more. 

Our instructor led training and exceptional customer service and support has helped us become a well-known name for hundreds of businesses, with informative lectures that break down every feature of the system and how it can be used to automate and streamline HR operations, all while staying compliant with a country’s rules and regulations. 

Goethe-Institute MENA were one of our esteemed clients who enrolled in and completed our Certified MenaPAY® Professional program in 2021, putting their trust in our professional services and training program to help them master the MenaPAY® system cycles. Through comprehensive and detailed training sessions, they were able to use the system to help automate their HR functions, fully utilize the features of the system, and learn how to navigate through it with accuracy and ease. Ahmad Qatamesh, the manager of Digital Transformation at Goethe-Institute MENA, said that through the training programs and learning how to use the system’s cycles, administration and auditing tasks are now faster and easier to manage. 

The MenaPAY® Certified Associate program will begin on the 28th of June for clients who are interested in developing their HR skills and getting an inside scoop on the fundamentals of HRMS, features of payroll and personnel management systems, and learning more about the specialized functions of MenaPAY®.