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May 2021

MenaITech Celebrates Its Employees On Labor Day 2021

MenaITech started from humble beginnings, and eventually emerged as one of the leading HCIS providers in the MENA region. This process did not happen overnight, and we owe our thanks to the people who made it happen—our employees.

In 2003, MenaITech established one of the most specialized payroll and personnel management systems in Jordan, and later added comprehensive HR management, time and attendance, talent acquisition, and self-service solutions to our professional services offered to thousands of clients across the region. Our employees worked around the clock to provide top-quality support to our customers, working with patience and expertise, always eager to learn more and work harder to make our systems and services as specialized and sophisticated as our clients need. 

In 2020, however, the world faced one of the most devastating and life-changing events in years, from lockdowns to uncertainty about the future, to staying strong and protecting the safety of our people and country. During this time, millions of employees in the MENA region and all across the globe faced unpredictable and difficult times, yet they powered through it all, and we are proud of their hard work and dedication.  

On this Labor Day, we want to extend our warmest gratitude and thanks to all employees, including our own, who are working diligently: from home, remotely, and those who have returned to the office. We stand in respect for each and every one of you for your incredible work during these trying times and look forward to brighter days ahead. With your bravery and strength, you have inspired us to keep moving forward.