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Mar 2019

MenaITech Organizes Strategic Innovation & Value Chain Management Workshop

MenaITech, the Jordan-based company specializing in human capital management solutions and software, recently organized a Strategic Innovation and Value Chain Management with the expert in refurbishing company processes, organization, and culture to achieve a quantum leap in performance through innovation, Luay Aburrub. The workshop was designed to equip MenaITech’s employees with knowledge and best practices required to successfully design and implement innovation strategies.


The workshop discussed the foundations of innovation strategy and why innovation is an important driver of a firms’ competitive advantage. The workshop also focused on distinctions between sustained and disruptive innovations in addition to the importance of balanced innovation strategies. The workshop also covered intellectual property management, business models, and the dynamic link between innovation strategies and portfolio management methods.

Mr. Aburrub concluded, “At MenaITech, innovation is a core value and it is at the heart of everything we do.” He continued, “Innovation requires a knowledgeable, creative and competitive market to jumpstart market change and drive people to invent and create new technologies and new solutions to old problems.”