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Apr 2019

MenaITech Concludes First MPAY- Certified Professional Training Session in Saudi Arabia

Amman – MenaITech recently concluded a specialized course in Saudi Arabia, one of the biggest markets for the Jordan-based company, as part of its professional training program MPAY-CP® for payroll management professionals under the supervision of MenaPay® specialists.

MenaITech, the regional company which specializes in the development of human resource management solutions and software, concluded this training session for the first time in Saudi Arabia under the MenaPay® Professional Certification which is designed to give employees the skills and capabilities as well as the professional readiness to manage payroll and personnel matters. This training was previously held three times in Jordan in cooperation with Henley Academy for Training and Development. The training material is the first of its kind in this field and its graduates receive a test that reinforces all the skills and knowledge given during the course.

At the end of the training program in Saudi Arabia, certificates were distributed to participants which aim to drive home the importance of developing and enhancing the skills of HR department employees. 

The founder and CEO of MenaITech, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh stressed the importance of holding these courses within the framework of official certification, adding that the company believes in the importance of enhancing the qualifications of employees in HR departments to build their knowledge base, especially in the fields of payroll and personnel management.

Hawamdeh pointed out that the training materials received by employees involved in the certification program covers the latest human resources management techniques, how to use them in their organization, and how to apply and implement them utilizing MenaITech’s MenaPay® system.

MenaITech entered into a strategic partnership with Henley Academy to hold a series of MPAY-CP® training courses which includes a training course designed by specialized experts based on the latest international HR standards, tailored specifically for university students and new employees in human resources departments.

It is worth mentioning that MenaITech allocates a wide space for innovation and creation when it comes to its intellectual property systems, which is over to 15 years of age and is considered a major success story in the Middle East and North Africa, most recently being ranked one of the top 10 HR systems globally and one of the top 10 most important payroll systems worldwide.