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Jun 2019

MenaITech Outfits JOPETROL With Latest HR Technology

MenaITech, a Jordan-based company specializing in human capital information systems, implemented its latest cloud-based HR at the Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company (JOPETROL). This milestone represents one of the largest companies in Jordan who have begun implementing HR cloud technology within their operations. 

JOPETROL and MenaITech will work together to accelerate their HR digital transformation with the main goals of Improving overall HR efficiency, enhance the effectiveness of HR department in the organization, and reduce HR operational costs while improving the overall profitability of the company. MenaITech’s cloud-based HRMS system, MenaLite® helped the organization by improving the level of service provided to employees, making their teams more efficient as well as reducing paper consumption by the company.

CEO of MenaITech, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh stressed the importance of bringing this kind of cloud technology to Jordanian institutions, “Cloud services free clients from the need to install costly servers, offer 24×7 availability, offer greater security as well as being more easily manageable and efficient.” He added. “Cloud solutions make software and systems much more accessible to a wider number of organizations, no matter how small or large.”

Hawamdeh added, “Working with JOPETROL represents an important milestone for MenaITech. Not only are we working with one of the largest organizations in Jordan, but we are supporting this vital economic sector to empower it for future growth, greater efficiency and effectiveness. After implementing the solution, the client’s core HR functions became fully automized, which meant they could easily manage their HR operations over a user-friendly portal.”

IT Manager at JOPETROL, Mr. Zaydon Khasawneh commented, “After implementing MenaITech’s HRMS platform, the benefits were immediately tangible. Beyond increasing our HR department’s workflow efficiency, from a strategic point of view, we were able to access important data that directly contributed to our organizational effectiveness. MenaITech’s HRMS system helped us as an organization by improving the level of service we provide to our employees, making our team more efficient and reducing our paper consumption.”

JOPETROL tracked the following direct benefits of implementing MenaITech’s systems: 100% accuracy in payroll processing, 89% increase in employee satisfaction levels, 75% reduction in payroll costs because of accurate time and attendance, 92% reduction in paper consumption at the HR department, 85% reduction in HR operational costs and a 77% decrease in employee turnover.

Founded in 2003, MenaITech has grown over the years relying on constant innovation and development, with cloud computing being its most recent technological leap. MenaITech expanded to over 200 employees across 6 offices, and for more than 15 years, has served over 1,700 companies and 600 cloud-computing clients in the Middle East and North Africa region with its comprehensive suite of HR technology solutions. MenaITech is the largest provider of HR technology in the region and has a portfolio of over 1.5 million users across 25 countries.