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Thursday 14 Sep 2017

How to Get the Most from Your Payroll System

When it comes to speeding up the payroll process, boosting the productivity of your HR department, and reducing human errors, adding a payroll system proves to be a wise decision. These systems have the capability of increasing payroll processing times up to sixty percent, while reducing errors by almost ninety percent. This makes it a valuable investment for any startup business or firm wanting to expand its operations by reducing operating costs. Follow the tips below to make the most from your payroll system:

Leverage Payroll System Features

Payroll systems undoubtedly offer a tremendous amount of benefits to businesses. With a huge combination of useful tools and features, you can easily boost the efficiency of payroll processes to ensure employees receive accurate salary. Therefore, do not hesitate on unlocking the full potential of your payroll system. Ask the vendor what features/tools/amenities you have available. Understand all the ins/outs of the system. This way, you will be able to set up a system that automatically performs calculations based on the regulations of your area, decreasing the amount of human errors, while also saving the HR department lots of time.

Implement Direct Deposit

One of the best features of payroll systems is that they allow HR and accountants to send salary slips and direct deposits automatically. What else can a person ask for? The only input required by HR personnel or accountants is to monitor that each employee gets accurate pay according to their performance, time-shift, number of leaves, etc. The staff can easily view the salary slips through the payroll portal available. Once everything is confirmed, direct deposit will reduce the hassle of printing checks, while allowing employees to enjoy the convenience of funds deposited directly. If your payroll system does not have a direct deposit option available, it would be best for you to invest in a software application that includes it.

Include in the HRMS

If you really want to improve organizational efficiency, do not hesitate on combining your payroll system with the basic human resource management system. This way, you will be able to pull up information about employee pay with ease, while also being able to view data on a wide range of subjects. Managers will have all the information they require at their fingertips, making their jobs and the HR department’s job way easier. HRMS functionality combined with payroll systems undoubtedly makes your program more efficient and responsive.

Review All Regulations

To ensure everything runs smoothly and your payroll system is following the correct guidelines, review all charges, regulations, and other issues that could hinder functions of the payroll system. Insurance or tax regulations are common examples of this. It is a wise option to choose a system that automatically updates its regulations and tax policies, based on what the local and state guidelines advice. This way, you can ensure that the payroll system is always using the correct data, contributing to fewer issues with government agencies.

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