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Thursday 30 Jun 2022

Rethinking the Role of Augmented Reality in HR

As technologies evolve, what was once science fiction is becoming a necessary aspect of daily life. From robotics and virtual reality (VR) to cloud computing and automation, advanced technologies are impacting the way we live and work. Sure to impact HR significantly in the years to come is augmented reality (AR).


What is AR?

AR is a technology that provides a composite view whereby a computer-generated image is superimposed on our view of the real world. While it uses goggles or headsets, or can be displayed on smart devices, AR blends between VR and the real world.


How was AR created?

First developed by the US Airforce in the early 1990s, augmented reality became a public focus with the development of Pokémon Go in 2016. In the Pokémon Go app, gamers use their smart devices to see and catch virtual Pokémon characters overlaid on our real-world landscape. Since then, more and more AR software has hit the market, with increasingly practical applications. AR is changing the way we shop, navigate, sightsee, and work.


The implications of AR on HR

There are several ways AR is foreseen to change the way HR processes are conducted and provide a more comprehensive experience to both HR managers and employees: 

  • Communication

In the last few years, AR has transformed the way teams learn, interact, or communicate within an organization. While the applications are still evolving, AR-based wearables are designed to provide added immersive experiences for employees to improve interpersonal communication. Compared to conventional approaches (such as phone calls, text messages, or emails), AR can enhance communication efficiency with its ability to overlay virtual information into real-life scenarios and deepen communication exchanges. For example, AR can enable a team leader to point out the exact location for a set of instructions. 

  • Recruitment

AR has the potential to enhance your organization’s recruitment and onboarding process by providing insights about potential candidates. For example, interview activities can be established to test the applicants’ leadership abilities, aptitude, and problem-solving skills. Potential candidates would wear their AR headsets and complete their assigned tasks, after which results are analyzed. Such AR tests can help the recruitment team filter out the best candidates while simultaneously reducing the burden of applicant selection.

  • Onboarding

The onboarding process is key in employee training. Yet, according to a recent job seeker nation study, nearly 30% of American employees left a job within the first 90 days of starting. Organizations with weak onboarding processes can lose the confidence of the candidates. During this initial stage of employment, new team members learn everything about the company and its policies, procedures, and culture. AR can enhance this experience. For example, it can provide candidates with an immersive virtual office tour. As they navigate the virtual tour, they would learn everything they need to know about the company and the training process and expectations.

  • Training and development

The potential for AR in the arena of training and development is far-reaching. AR-based applications can create simulated environments to enhance training through specific spatial designs. For example, AR can make a simulation of the real world to provide safety training that avoids the potential of having a safety incident during training. Similarly, employers can use AR during diversity and inclusion training (allowing an employee to step into the shoes of someone in an immersive environment through AR). Furthermore, an AR platform can present training content in 3D format, making learning more enjoyable.


With a wide range of applications in the workplace, AR has the power to transform the HR process. It can be used to analyze employee reactions and behaviors in different work environments. From changing candidate hiring experiences and onboarding processes to training and development and performance management, AR is helping HR managers provide their talent with a more comprehensive experience.

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