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Sunday 18 Jun 2017

What to Ask Vendors before Acquiring HR SaaS?

As we move into the digital age, businesses must rethink how they operate and perform the simplest of HR management, payroll, and productivity tasks. With the competition getting fierce day-by-day, it is only wise for businesses that want to expand and grow to utilize the latest, state-of-the-art technologies and software applications for streamlining business operations. What better solution can organizations invest in other than HR SaaS?

These remarkable software applications on the cloud enable businesses of all types and sizes to leverage excellent capability for managing their business, keeping employees happy, hiring new talent, and ensuring that everyone gets paid accurately. However, finding the best HR SaaS isn’t of course an easy task. Whether your goal is to replace your current on-premise system or automate all processes, tap into this questions guide for ensuring you get the right HR SaaS.

Can HR SaaS Be Customized?

Businesses working in different industries have varied needs when it comes to managing HR. While some may require advanced set of tools and features, others may just require basic tool sets for completing normal HR management tasks. This is why it’s crucial to ask whether the HR SaaS can be customized or tailored to each business individual needs. Customization is crucial for creating a long-established business plan that guarantees efficiency.

The best HR SaaS vendors will offer you lots of capability in the form of personalization and customization. This may include reorganizing certain elements on the screens that users see or tweaking field records that suit the industry of your particular business. The HR SaaS must suit the different mindsets of varied businesses and offer flexibility in services. Otherwise, there’s no use of shifting from an on-premise application specifically designed for your firm, to a cloud-based solution.

What Security Measures Do You Use For Securing Sensitive HR Data?

Any business that is looking to make a name in their desired industry is prone to experiencing attacks from unauthorized parties or hackers. Establishing your own business must require lots of preparation from all types of threats, including internal and external. You must feel assured that the vendor you choose offers a SaaS model that heavily relies on multi-tenancy and provides various levels of high-end security for protecting and securing vital HR data.

It’s reasonable to expect that the HR SaaS you choose features appropriate risk management protocols in place to guarantee a stronger security policy. The software must also ensure that employees, managers, and other staff members in your firm follow your detailed industry-accepted or mandatory compliance guidelines. Do not hesitate on asking whether you can alter access controls, password policies, and data encryption for protecting information as it flows across other networks.

How Do You Assure Business Continuity? Is Your HR SaaS Reliable?

Bad things are bound to happen to good data centers. However, this doesn’t mean that your business suffers the consequences, due to lack of initiative from a software vendor. When you acquire HR SaaS, you must ask vendors whether they have the redundant systems in place for keeping your business functioning, even if components fail or a major disaster strikes the physical location. Ask about the backup plans and protocols.

Any good HR SaaS should have disaster recovery and business continuity plans in place for ensuring you receive uninterrupted HR service 24/7, 365 days a year. One way to test the reliability of any HR SaaS vendor is to give them a message/call regarding the service. Wait and see how long it takes them to get back to you. A good service will always be available to provide you remarkable customer service in the form of live chat, email, or phone call.