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Tuesday 19 Apr 2016

What Can Performance Appraisal System In UAE Mean For Your Business?

The HR performance evaluation software in the UAE is an indispensable contribution of your HR department to your organization. An effective appraisal not only wards off work quality and behavior problems, but it also encourages employees to contribute more. Most often, companies encourage their employees to perform “360-degree feedback” that evaluates subordinates and peers, in addition to management and supervisors. This valuable opportunity to give and garner constructive criticism and feedback through a performance appraisal system in the UAE shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • Fostering Communication

None of us is a stranger to the fact that managers and employees hardly get along together, for reasons they don’t seem to comprehend. Performance appraisal can sometimes resolve dilemmas that stem from a lack of communication. If the appraisal systems are used as a chance to convey to the employees the criteria on which their performance is judged, the employees would walk away from the meeting with a better perception of how to do their jobs best. This would also help to eradicate grudges against the management.

  • Offering a Career Path

The performance appraisal system in the UAE is a great opportunity to address long term goals that may or may not be on everybody’s to-do list. This provides a great chance for the employee to be more useful for an organization and also makes him feel valued and pleased. Illuminating the road down a successful career path inspires stability and loyalty. It also enhances the bottom line, especially when the health of the business is the primary concern of the employee, followed by their careers.

  • Encouraging Improvement and Good Work

The most viable part of a performance appraisal is celebrating a job well done. Nobody is perfect! While noting areas of improvement is not an easy task, the performance appraisal offers an exclusive chance to diplomatically elucidate areas where improvement is due. Even the most productive employees could fare well with advanced training, while those on the brink of dismissal might need the heads-up. Be specific in providing feedback by offering examples and explicitly explaining what they need to turn things around. Taking the time to work with employees shows your commitment to see them succeed.

  • Boost Decision-Making Ability

When a business collects detailed information about an employee’s performance, it becomes easier to reach business decisions. In addition, filling any vacancies with existing staff instead of new hires promotes loyalty and strengthens the organization. Knowing which employee possesses which quality and skills boosts the speed with which projects and tasks can be assigned. Appraisals are also necessary when it comes to making decisions about layoffs and compensation. The performance appraisals can also support or refute claims if the company becomes subject to a lawsuit. Thus, performance appraisals are viable in helping organizations operate efficiently.

  • Satisfaction and Motivation

Performance appraisals have a vast impact on employee satisfaction and motivation, as well as helping employees feel visible. Through performance appraisals, employees gain recognition for their work efforts. In fact, the fact that social recognition could pass for an incentive has been noted for long. Employees even prefer negative recognition in contrast to being not visible at all.

  • Training and Development

Performance appraisal systems ease the workflow for HR professionals, making it easy for them to supervise the needs of their employees. Using a Performance Appraisal System in Dubai ensures better training and development activities. Consolidated appraisal data can provide a clear picture of the overall need for training. Data can be analyzed according to departments, experiences and other factors. This makes it easier to convince employees who reject training to enhance their skills for better performance in the future.

  • Identify and Help Under-Performers

Underperformers significantly impact the progress of any organization. They are the major reason for the annual decrease in productivity. Performance appraisal systems make it easier to identify underperforming employees and also aid HR professionals to deploy measures to deal with employees who require improvement. Performance appraisal systems document who is underperforming and why. Managers can then provide their employees with the necessary steps to improve their productivity. This can be done through establishing training programs, increasing employee benefits or through counselling if required.

  • Aids in Documentation

It is mandatory and crucial for organizations to keep a record of their employees’ performance. This is where performance appraisal software proves useful as it aids in the documentation that would otherwise take countless hours to record manually. Performance evaluation records serve innumerable purposes in any organization. They help managers keep track of historical development and performance of every employee in the company. This allows managers to gain an insight into strategic talent development, leadership development and succession planning.

  • Ensures Performance-Based Compensation and Rewards

Often, managers lose track of time because they are so busy completing their own tasks and are unable to interact with their employees. A performance appraisal system makes it easier for managers to communicate with their employees and discuss performances, which gives rise to better employee compensation and rewards in a correct manner.

An efficient Performance Appraisal System in Dubai can thus help improve performances and establish a better company culture. Adapting to new technologies helps organizations go head to head with their competitors.