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Jul 2018

MenaITech Supports Recycly Startup to Raise Awareness of Recycling and Environmental Protection

As part of its continuous support toward startups with creative and innovative ideas, and as part of its social responsibility toward environmental sustainability, MenaITech, a company specializing in human capital information systems and HR management solutions, recently adopted Recycly, a new startup by two 18-year-old Jordanian entrepreneurs.


MenaITech adopted Recycly’s products, which are smart waste bins built on a technology that encourages recycling and sorts trash, so it can be easily recycled through a rewards-based system for users to reinforce the positive behavior.

The Recycly initiative aims to distribute its products in public places across the Kingdom with help and support from medium and large companies. MenaITech is the first company in Jordan to utilize Recycly’s smart solutions for collecting trash and sorting it before recycling. In addition, Recycly’s smart waste bins encourage people to not litter in public places through its built-in rewards program.

Recycly, which is considered an innovative Jordanian startup, was launched in 2015 by Jordanian entrepreneurs Abdalrahman Al Dalaq (17-years) and Ahmad Hobbi (18-years) to develop smart waste bins that promote recycling through a rewards program commensurate with the user’s age. By simply placing waste in the bin, whether it be plastic, paper or something else, it will provide the user a product to match, such as a sparkling water. The smart bin also sorts this trash in order to be recycled.

Founder of Recycly, Abdalrahman Al Dalaq reaffirmed the importance of MenaITech’s support for the startup by adopting its products and utilizing the smart waste bins in the company, which represents a major endorsement to the idea in its early stages. He added, “MenaITech’s support for environmental causes and efforts to protect it helps raise awareness of the recycling concept amongst employees.”

Founder and CEO of MenaITech, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh said, “This step comes as part of achieving the company’s strategic goal to support Jordanian startups and innovative ideas to encourage them to grow. In addition, supporting this particular idea helps raise awareness on the importance of environmental protection and recycling which aligns with our sustainability mission.”

Hawamdeh added, “This support is not the first of its kind. MenaITech was also the first company to adopt technology from the Mind Rockets Inc. startup which provides a virtual sign language assistant for the deaf and hard of hearing. MenaITech was also the first company to adopt Sadeed’s technology, a Jordanian startup which uses artificial intelligence to help companies manage their social media pages.”

MenaITech, for over 15 years, has served over 1,700 companies and 500 cloud-computing clients in the Middle East and North Africa region with its comprehensive suite of HR technology solutions. MenaITech is the largest provider of HR technology in the region and has a portfolio of over 1.7 million users across 25 countries.