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Nov 2020

Positive Testimonials from Bin-Shihon Group

We at MenaITech take pride in consistently providing the highest quality of work possible to all of our clients. Our entire business model is contingent on the fact that efficiency is the key to success for any business. We constantly and consistently strive to implement systems to aid our clients in creating the most efficient workspaces possible. 

One such highly valued client is Bin-Shihon Group.  Bin-Shihon Group provides a broad and diverse range of products and services through core business sectors; Real Estate, Mechanical and Construction Equipment, Industrial Products, and many others. They have formed business relationships that bring together ideas, technology, products, services, people, and capital, growing steadily over time to become one of Saudi Arabia’s largest privately-owned enterprises. 

Bin-Shihon Group subscribed to the full package version of our HRMS Enterprise SaaS with a capacity of up to 1,500 Employees, for a duration of five years. With this package, we were tasked with improving a variety of functions regarding their workflow, such as handling routine HR tasks, monitoring KPIs, automating certain manual systems, and moving data to a Cloud system for privacy and security purposes. 

After implementing all of our processes, we were proud to report that Bin-Shihon Group experienced a vast degree of positive changes as a result of this partnership. Our handling of routine HR tasks helped them reduce paperwork, speed up the creation of documents, and save time overall. We also assisted them in tracking employee processes, such as employee retention, position duration, absenteeism, goal management, attendance, and training management. We also took over payroll and performance management, as well as hiring and onboarding and improving employee’s self-services to eliminate human errors. 

We look forward to our continued partnership and hope that we can assist Bin-Shihon Group to continue flourishing in their community.