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Apr 2020

MenaITech Launches Campaign Giving Six Months of Free Subscription for its Cloud Products

Amman – The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic extended beyond curfews and social distancing measures, it has had serious negative economic implications as well as a general state of uncertainty. To do all it can to support the Jordanian economy during these times,  MenaITech, the region’s largest human capital information systems provider, has launched a campaign offering six months of free access to its suite of cloud products.

The campaign is primarily targeting small and medium-sized enterprises as this segment represents the backbone of the Jordanian economy and it needs as much support as possible to weather the pandemic.

MenaITech’s campaign includes providing six months of free access to its suite of cloud products, including: The payoll and talent management systems MenaHRMS – Curio, the service desk management and E-follow up system MenaTracks, as well as the customer relationship management system MenaCRM.


These MenaITech cloud products are designed to help companies manage their business operations remotely in an effective and secure manner without having to go into the office in light of the movement restrictions and curfew during the pandemic.

Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, founder and CEO of MenaITech said that this campaign is in line with MenaITech’s social responsibility and its strategy to play an integral role in Jordan’s economy and act as a driver of digitization. He further explained the importance of technology and the internet, which has proven to be an absolute necessity in light of a crisis such as the Coronavirus, as it allows for remote work to be implemented efficiently.

Hawamdeh added that MenaITech firmly believes in the importance of SMEs as they constitute the largest segment of the Jordanian economy, as well as employment and production capacity. MenaITech is giving these SMEs free access to its cloud-based tools and technology so that they can continue their operations while they are working remotely and therefore continue contributing to the Jordanian economy.

MenaITech has built its reputation over the past 16 years, as a pioneer and provider of technology solutions for human resources. These solutions serve more than 2500 companies and 700 cloud computing clients in the MENA region. The MenaITech portfolio also includes more than 1.5 million users around 25 countries, which strengthens its position as a true innovator and leading engine of technological progress in the region.