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Feb 2020

MenaITech Organizes Internal Awareness Session on New Talent Management System Curio

Amman – MenaITech, the region’s leading human capital information systems provider, recently organized an internal awareness session for its employees in February to showcase and explore the company’s new talent management system, Curio.

Founder and CEO of MenaITech, Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh, organized this session to reaffirm MenaITech’s focus on developing and innovating new products, raise awareness about this system and its capabilities, as well as increase sales in the local and Arab markets across the company’s network.

The session was attended by employees from various departments and included a detailed orientation on the new technology, its advantages, and how different industries can best leverage it to grow and empower their talent. The session also included a discussion about the system which is based on latest human capital technology advancements and is designed to allow clients to automate their talent management function for maximum leveraging of their human capital and talent.

Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh affirmed that this session comes in the framework of keeping pace with the latest developments in the world of human capital information systems and investments in that field. He also added that this event was organized as part of the company’s strategy to continually educate employees about its latest offerings to create cohesion and synergy across departments.

Hawamdeh explained that MenaITech launched Curio last year with a new look and feel in addition to greater functionality in line with the latest changes happening in the workplace, making it a dynamic and adaptable system. He added that Curio will help companies and institutions from various economic sectors in leadership and talent development, especially as it is based on modern methodologies and technology. The talent management system covers performance appraisals, training and development, career path planning, succession planning and talent acquisition.

MenaITech has built its reputation over the past 16 years, as a pioneer and provider of technology solutions for human resources. These solutions serve more than 2500 companies and 700 cloud computing clients in the MENA region. The MenaITech portfolio also includes more than 1.5 million users around 25 countries, which strengthens its position as a true innovator and leading engine of technological progress in the region.